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     State Of The Art (Sota) Entertainment is a entertainment production company.We work diligently to be the best and to create the best entertainment around.We are a multi-faceted entertainment organization mostly working in the performing arts and visual arts.

   Sota Entertainment is primarly a music production company.We produce music (audio) arts.We have the best composers to assist you in making incredible beats for your songs. We also have an array of independent artist to assist you in collecting ideas to create lyrics for your song.We believe that the beauty of music is not limiting but inclusive of all styles of music. All music is derived from the concept of sound. Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical to Country It is all derived from the unique unique placement of sound.

    We also have State Of The Arts events that are well recognized for putting together some of the best events on the planet. We have our own in house DJ's that you can book for your event needs. From conception to completion, from marketing to booking talent, we got it. We live to assist  you in your journey of creating great events for your enjoyment.

Enjoy the NOW and Have a great Day & Thanks for sharing your time with us go ahead and travel around enjoy the free listening of unique music on each page. Also if you have any questions or concerns email or call us 1-815-909-9411 thank you and we look forward to your phone call


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